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Our radiography team has well over 100 years of combines experience performing radiography with various requirements.


We provide and have access to all varieties of Ultrasonic testing. Some of our capabilities include Thickness Testing, Flaw Detection, Phased Array, etc.


Liquid Penetrant Testing is often performed as an internal function for fabrication shops, at GB Inspection we strive to help these shops become stronger and more proficient at this technique, although we always recommend having a trained professional perform these inspections we realize that sometimes this is not feasible. In these circumstances we like to offer our valued clients the opportunity to have us aid in the training and development of internal staff, so that they can provide the best possible results.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Along with the standard field equipment for Magnetic Particle Testing, GB Contract Inspection also possesses one of the provinces only wet bench systems.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Another inspection unique to GB Contract Inspection in our province, we provide GPR services for the construction industry. Used as an alternative to Radiography for finding objects located in concrete, GPR only requires single sided access to the area where inspection is required, offering less intrusion to those around the area. One of the key benefits to GPR is that unlike Radiography GPR is completely safe for other workers to be around. In fact many GPR jobs are performed as work continues around the inspection area. GB Contract Inspection has technicians that have been trained by the manufacturer to provide the most accurate and relevant inspections using the GPR method and our GPR equipment.