About Us

GB Contract Inspection Ltd. (GBCIL) has been in business since 2002 under its current name and has been operating in the NDT and inspection industry since 1992. Since the beginning GBCIL has delivered a diverse selection of NDT service.

Safety and Quality are key components in providing an excellent customer experience. Our safety program is under continuous improvement and has been granted the COR certificate for its success.

GB Contract Inspection works diligently to maintain high quality inspection procedures which meet or exceed code requirements. We have successfully demonstrated our procedures to TSASK and are one of the few NDT companies in Saskatchewan to have done so.

Company capabilities include Radiography, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic, Hardness Testing, Ground Penetrating Radar, and Visual Inspection. These inspection methods have been applied in a number of sectors such as Refining, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Civil, Pulp and Paper and Manufacturing. In addition to these sectors GBCIL has extensive experience with tank inspections, piping and fabrication, facility and field work, new construction, retro fits, upgrades, preventative maintenance, shutdowns, and inspection for certification.

Our NDT technicians are certified to CGSB 48.9712 the Canadian national standard for certification in NDT. In addition to CGSB, technicians are also qualified to ASNT SNT-TC-1A and to CWB where applicable.

With our vast experience in Oil& Gas, GBCIL has participated in the construction of pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities, gas plants, tank farms, and various other major projects. GB Contract Inspection Ltd.is also one of the few NDT companies experienced and authorized to perform inspections on drill rig blow off preventers.

GBCIL has worked on all major mine sites in southern Saskatchewan including Mosaic, PCS and K+S sites. We are experienced with solution mining sites as well as conventional underground mine sites. We have inspected all major components of mining operations including shaft equipment, structures, and piping.

Some of our clients include a refinery and a paper mill where GBCIL has been responsible for all shutdown NDT and Inspections for over a decade. In addition to complete shutdown support we are also responsible for the day to day NDT requirements at these sites.

In the Manufacturing sector GBCIL has experience with tankers, pump truck, agricultural equipment, highly specialized OEM machinery, and is capable of helping to determine the correct course of action in relation to inspection requirements. Additionally GBCIL has experience working with a facility that supplies parts to military clients.

With its head office situated in Estevan Saskatchewan GBCIL has, for many years, provided NDT services to different aspects of the SaskPower Boundary Dam and Shand Power stations; most recently aiding in the completion of the Shand Carbon Capture Test Facility (CCTF).

The application of our Visual and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques has expanded our involvement in the civil engineering sector. GBCIL was the first company to offer GPR in Saskatchewan with over 9 years of experience we are called upon frequently. Most recent notable projects that we have had involvement in are Regina City Hall revitalization, Legislative Building dome revitalization and the new stadium project.

Every year GBCIL performs hundreds of inspections on cranes and lifting equipment and provides engineered certification for this equipment. Our extensive inspection and reporting techniques make GBCIL's inspection quality some of the best in the industry. Working closely with engineers we are able to provide certification and repair procedures for virtually any type of equipment. In addition we are able to provide design and assessment services for alterations.